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Suggestions for Play

Scramble Challenge

  1. Gently throw the included cones into an open area.
  2. Gain 1 point by hitting a White cone
  3. Gain 3 points by hitting Silver cone
  4. Lose 2 when you hit a Orange cone
  5. 1 player goal is to get exactly 10 points
  6. 2 or more player goal is first person to get exactly 5 points

Figure eight challenge

Set 2 water bottles about 2 feet apart to setup a figure eight track, time how many figure eights you can complete in 1 minute. Can be run with multiple players demolition derby style, or time attack style.

J-Turn challenge

Set 2 water bottles about 6 feet apart and see how many ‘laps’ you can do. Fastest strategy is to perform a J-turn which is to turn and reverse at the same time so you flip the car around and you pass the bottle in reverse, and immediately accelerate forward.

Cone Soccer!

Setup 2 Orange cones 6 inches apart to setup a ‘goal’ and push the silver cone through between the goals and see who gets the most goals


Take turns chasing each other, and use chalk or masking tape to draw safe zones to hide in.

Optional modules

  1. Cockroach mode
  2. Infrared Combat mode
  3. Automatic lap timer
  4. Police light and siren