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Apps and Instructions

Android Phones (11-14):
Quantow on Google Play

iPhone (iOS 14-15)
Quantow on iTunes

Support Videos:

Troubleshooting guide for steering on iOS.

What’s normal for steering?

Please email us at support@quantowgear.com for questions.

Setup Instructions

1.) Make sure to charge your car for at LEAST 20 minutes as soon as you open it/receive it.
2.) Turn on the Bluetooth on your phone and open the ‘Quantow Gear’ app.
3.) Push the RED button on the bottom of your car to enable pairing.
4.) Tap ‘Connect’ on the app, a menu will pop-up and Tap ‘QuantowGear’.
5.) If you have successfully connected, you should see ‘QuantowGear’ in place of ‘Connect’.
6.) Set the car down on the surface you want to play and press ‘Calibrate’. Make sure to press ‘Calibrate’ every time you change surfaces, the car will learn the best application of power for precise steering and acceleration.
7.) Adjust the ‘Center Balance’ to the left and right to fine-tune the steering position.

Instructions for Play (after you have connected)

1.) Turn on Bluetooth on your phone and start the app.
2.) Push the gray button on the bottom of the car to wake it up.
3.) Tap ‘Connect’ on the app.
4.) Start Playing!
5.) Remember to ‘Disconnect’ after you finish driving to save battery!


* Normal Charging: Brings the battery up to 90-95% capacity of the battery for safety, and takes 20 minutes from 10% to 90%.
* First Charge: the first time you charge the car, the battery life may last between 5 minutes-30 minutes, this is normal. Put it back on the charger and it will automatically reset the battery ‘memory’.
* Hot-charging: The car can be immediately charged after playing, but will only charge up to 75% for safety. This should take less than 10 minutes for a boost, so you can get right back to racing.
* The Orange charging indicator light comes on when the car is charging. If the car is not responding, try pressing the gray button on the bottom of the car for 2 seconds, if the lights turn on you have over 50% battery life available; if the light doesn’t turn on, put the car on the charger and wait 10 minutes, then press the RED button on the bottom of the car for 1 second, then press the gray button for 1 second.

Additional Features and additional accessories

* Hold the gray button for 2 seconds to turn the headlights on as flashlight (lights will automatically turn off after 5 seconds).
* You can hold down the red button for 5 seconds to reset all the settings in the car.
* Tap on ‘QuantowGear’ to change the saved name for your car, very useful if you have multiple cars.
* ‘Normal’ is recommended for all users and will last between 15 minutes-30 minutes. ‘Fast’ will quickly use up your battery (less than 10 minutes). Use this strategically during racing.
* ‘Race’ mode locks the car into ‘Fast’ mode. Use sparingly or for demonstrations.
* ‘Tilt-to-steer’ mode only works on certain phones. If it is not functioning correctly, try locking your phone into ‘Portrait mode’ (refer to your phones instructions on how to do this).
* ‘Module Display’ will update if you connect any additional options you have purchased.
* ABCDE buttons are for future expansion packs and games.
* ‘Gear icon’ is for debugging. Only press this if Tech Support has asked you to. If you accidentally press this while the car is connected, we recommend holding down the ‘Red button’ on the bottom of the car to reset it (Your car may still function normally if you don’t).

Firmware Update Instructions

Not everyone will need or like the different versions! We have loaded the standard version of Firmware on all cars before shipping. The FW update should only be installed if you have viewed our support videos and prefer the faster steering response. Firmware updates cannot be undone.

Press the Gear icon if your phone supports it.

Choose your QuantowGear

Current version is 1.1.2

Press OK to reboot. It takes about 1 minute to reboot. Make sure you don’t push on any of the buttons on the car for 2 minutes just to be sure the update and reboot has finished.